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At first the girl smiled, feeling complimented by the ‘pass for a mermaid’ comment. Was that an indirect way of saying she looked pretty? If yes, then that was sure nice of her. Maybe they weren’t so bad. Then the mergirl grabbed her arm, pulling rather forcefully. Heather pushed against the rock, trying to resist the mermaid’s pull. Before she could even protest, another mermaid swam over and pulled on her other arm, then without much effort, pulled the girl herself into the water.

Panic quickly over took her when she felt she couldn’t get back up for air. She was being held down. Forced to stay submerged. She thrashed, struggled, and with a lot of effort did manage to finally come up for a breath of air. It didn’t last long, though. A quick short breath and she felt herself pushed or tugged under once again. This was not swimming. This was plain drowning. These mermaids were trying to purposely drown her! Where was Pieter? Why wasn’t he stopping them? She was going to die!

One of the times she did manage to come up for air, she choked out the word “Help!” Before being dragged back under. Her lungs were begging, screaming to breath properly. Long enough to suck up oxygen. She was becoming light headed from all this. Nearly choking from all of the water she was swallowing. She had to get away from these girls, get out of this death trap. In a desperate attempt to break free, the girl’s feet pushed against one of the rocks, jetting her forward in the water and away from her possible murderers. She scrambled to the surface, gasping and choking for air while quickly pulling herself up onto the shore nearby.

She crawled away from the water, not wanting to be in reach of those creatures while her water logged self recovered. She coughed, never knowing just how good it felt to breath until this very moment. Her heart raced, hardly able to believe she nearly died. Breathing heavily, she looked back at Pieter and the girl’s, whom were smiling oh-so-innocently. “A…Are you all crazy?!” She croaked, voice horse from lungs full of water. “You just tried to kill me!”

At first the boy just sat there, smiling as he watched the mermaids and his new friend. He knew the mermaids had different sorts of games, being in the water all the time, so he could only assume this was one of them. But when Heather managed to hasp out a cry for help, his smile began to fade. Sure, people sometimes asked for help when having fun, such as during an extreme tickle attack, but this seemed different… In fact, it almost reminded him of whenever he jumped into the water and couldn’t make it back to the surface on his own. No, it was almost exactly the same!

"Hey! Hey!" he tried to call out, though he wasn’t even sure they could hear him while they were submerged. He stood up on the rock, keeping his sights set on where he could just barely make out their forms. "Let her go!" He was about ready to jump in, knowing full well he couldn’t swim. But this was his friend—he couldn’t just leave her! And just as he was about to make the leap, he saw her reappear above the surface.

Pieter stood there, just watching her. He could hear the anger in her voice, and he had to agree with it. He had expected some splashing and a little dunking, but that was too much.

"And your point?" asked the black-haired mermaid, giving a small shrug.

Any joy completely gone from his face, Pieter flew over to Heather, landing next to her and shooting his gaze at the mermaids. “You should know better than that!” he yelled. “She’s human! She can’t play that kind of game!” Yes, even after all that, he still saw it as a sort of game. “And she’s my friend! Next time you want to play with her, pick something lighter!”

"But, Pieter, we—"

No!" he wasn’t even going to give them a chance to make excuses. "If you try that again with any of my friends, then you can forget about hearin’ anymore stories!" This received a gasp from all of the mermaids. No stories from Pieter meant that he would never come to visit. He was always the highlight of their days—they couldn’t lose that! But rather than apologize or verbally agree to his terms, they instead all dove back into the water, as if to avoid talking about it anymore.


Pieter than turned to Heather as he squatted down. “I’m sorry. Really. If I knew they were gonna do that, I wouldn’t have let ya near the water.” He then took a quick look over her before standing back up and holding out his hand to her. “Come on. We should dry you off.”

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Anonymous whispered: D, E, J, M !

M - Stay humble.

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  • A - I ♥ you.
  • B - I hate you.
  • C - I ♥ your blog.
  • D - You’re cute.
  • E - You’re friendly.
  • F - You don’t belong here.
  • G - I don’t like you.
  • H - Deactivate your tumblr.-account.
  • I - I’m your secret admirer.
  • J - I ♥ the way you express yourself.
  • K - You’re too boastful.
  • L - I miss you.
  • M - Stay humble.
  • N - You’re too popular.
  • O - You’re tumblr.-famous.
  • P - Awesome blog.
  • Q - I’m in love with you.
  • R - You annoy me.

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Oh, this felt terribly off. A tad familiar, even. By their attitudes to her thus far, the mermaid was probably going to ‘look’ at her and make fun of her… human..ness. They practically glowed with pride. She looked at Pieter, having a bit of hope that he might say something to bail her out of an awkward situation. But no, he just nodded his assurance. He was just a kid, and probably wasn’t too familiar with the concept of bullying; especially living out here. But in all of Heather’s twenty years, this far, she’s witnessed plenty. Whether directed towards her or someone else.

She could be wrong, though. Some people could be jerks at first glance or meeting, but once you got to know them, they weren’t so bad after all. She’s witnessed that plenty of times too. And the brunette trusted Pieter, who so far proved to be a nice kid, and if he trusted these mermaids, then she could give them a chance.

Raising a brow at the boy, a way to say ‘if your sure,’ she looked back down at the mermaid and forced a smile before kneeling closer.

As Heather drew closer, the mermaid truly did take a moment to look her over, but she couldn’t say she was impressed. Then again, she never was with anyone who wasn’t a mermaid—except for Pieter, of course. “Not bad,” she said, playing nice for at least a little bit. “If you had a tail, you could probably pass for a mermaid.” Her face then lit up as if a wonderful thought suddenly entered her mind. She suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of one of the brunette’s arms. “Why don’t you swim with us? It’ll be fun!”

"Oh yes! It’ll be a great time!" chimed one of the other mermaids as some of them began to dive back into the water and swim closer to their visitors. "Yes! Join us!" the blonde one jumped up to grip Heather’s other arm. And then, without even waiting for an answer, they pulled the girl over the edge of the rock and into the water.


Pieter sat on the edge of the rock to watch, just letting his legs dangle over the side. He knew he didn’t do well in the water, so it was best to stay on solid ground or in the air. Nonetheless, he wanted to watch; he enjoyed watching others play, even if he couldn’t be apart of the fun. And while it may have been fun for the mermaids, it probably wasn’t all that fun for the two-legged girl. The aquatic beings did everything they could to keep the girl under water, only allowing her up for short breaths (though those were most likely accidents). And Pieter just saw it all as a game.

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